A dynamic response for the aged care sector

The challenges of COVID-19 have been present in every sector we work in… from commercial to education, stadium and government, we have adapted our services to meet changing needs. None more so than the aged care sector, where we are tasked with protecting the most vulnerable people in our community.

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Long standing relationships

We have been serving the health and aged care sector for many years. Our extensive experience and dedication to providing a bespoke service for every client mean that we are already leaders in the industry.

Our experience has enabled us to respond quickly to the changing needs of the sector. As Ian Fielder, Facilities First Regional Operations Manager, explains:

“In a very short period of time we have trained our staff on the new touchpoint cleaning protocols as well as the processes for each site. We never adopt a one size fits all approach and that is certainly the case with our response to COVID-19. We work closely with each client and train our staff around their requirements.”

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A dynamic response to a changing landscape

When the situation changes by the day – or even by the hour – you need to respond with flexibility. And as Jackie Kearton, Client Services Manager HAC NSW, explains, that’s exactly what we have done at Facilities First:

“With the restrictions around COVID-19, anyone who works on a particular site must not work on other sites. This is a fundamental change to how we operate but we have increased our staff numbers to accommodate the shift.

Within each contract we have there is some variance… some sites require temperature testing each day, others require each person who steps into a room to sign a register at the door. And we have of course complied with the government directive for all people working in aged care facilities to have the flu shot.”

And while COVID-19 has certainly been an unprecedented challenge, infectious control is not a new concept for our health and aged care teams. In fact, we’ve been able to use our expertise in this area to upskill our commercial and stadium teams to prepare them for future requirements.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated team

The work we do is complex. We need to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. We are training our staff in new equipment, new chemicals and new ways of working. And none of it would be possible without the dedication of our incredible team.

“The staff have been exceptional,” says Ian. “Our teams are there, day in and day out, ensuring facilities are safe for the residents, staff and visitors. They really take ownership of their work. They look out for the residents… it all comes back to care.

Cleaners don’t get the accolades they deserve, and this crisis has really highlighted the importance of the work they do.”

It’s no secret that we think our team is amazing. And we want to shine the light on the important work they are doing as much as we possibly can.

The future of cleaning in aged care

The future of cleaning in aged care

There is no doubt that the work we do in aged care will be forever changed from this crisis. And we are ready for the future.

“Touchpoint cleaning in aged care has usually been reserved for times when an infection does come on site,” explains Jackie. “But we can see that touchpoint cleaning will be a very big part of the future. And likely not just for aged care, but for other sectors also.

Through this crisis, we have adjusted our processes and in some cases trained our team in new chemicals and machinery to combat the virus. We have maintained our flexibility and will continue to do so, whatever the future holds.”

Our work ensures that residents in aged care facilities can live in clean and sanitary conditions. The role we play in protecting the elderly residents, staff and visitors is one we take very seriously.

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