Brian Chandler

General Manager - Brian Chandler

General Manager – WHSEQ & Compliance

Brian’s portfolio is diverse. He oversees work health and safety, environment, quality and compliance for the entire Facilities First business. He has a lot of experience in managing large workforces across multiple locations. And he is putting that experience to good use at Facilities First to drive cultural change across the organisation.

“My approach to safety is a little bit different to the norm. Training and documentation are crucial… but when you can take people on a personal journey with safety, that’s when you get the best results.

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept – that’s the message I really want to instill in everyone who works in our business. Safety shouldn’t be a chore – it’s an integral part of what we all do each and every day.

When people take the time and care to ensure they are doing their job properly – to do it safely – and to produce a good result – the compliance follows from that. Quality and safety go hand in hand.”

Brian was drawn to Facilities First because of the clear company vision, our unique culture and ability to add real value in everything we do.

“It was clear from the first meeting I had over coffee with the Facilities First CEO, Ben Bayot, and CFO, Alan Fonseca, that this isn’t your average business. Where else do you find the CEO walking the floor and interacting within all levels of the team?

This is an exciting place to work because there is such a strong bond between the team. If you want something to happen, all you need to do is have a conversation with someone… and the next day it has been implemented. The ability for the team to interact and respond so quickly and dynamically is quite remarkable.”

When Brian comes to work, he wants to make a difference. He is passionate about the community… and that shows in all aspects of his work and personal life.

“When it comes to the environmental work we are doing, I am really passionate about this being much broader than trying to prevent environmental incidents. I am always thinking about sustainability and how we can follow best practice to minimise our impact on the environment. Of course we look at the waste we produce… but now we go hybrid when we order new vehicles. Big picture thinking is how we will really make a difference.

Every year I commit myself to completing two different community projects. In 2019, I walked to Mt Everest Base Camp to raise funds for the PCYC so they could buy a new bus for the kids. I have worked with other charities over the years, mainly focused on helping kids in the community.

When your personal values align with the values of the organisation you work for, it makes coming to work such a joy… and that’s certainly my experience with working at Facilities First. Care really is at the heart of everything we do.”

Brian is a keen fisherman and enjoys bush walks and getting out into nature on the weekend. Along with his wife and daughter, he holds a Guinness World Record for a group boxercise class. But that’s a story for another time.

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