Commercial Cleaning

Tailored Cleaning Solutions

Tailored cleaning solutions

At Facilities First, we understand that every business is unique.

That’s why we tailor each service we provide to guarantee a seamless experience for your guests and clients.

Care is at the heart of everything we do… and you’ll find it in the quality service we deliver consistently and safely.

We have the expertise and direct, scalable workforce to provide complete cleaning solutions for every type of facility – from highly specialised environments like hospital operating theatres to the huge scale of sports stadiums.

We are trusted to deliver cleaning to over 2400 sites Australia wide. Our extensive portfolio spans a diverse range of facilities including retail centres, offices, industrial facilities, stadiums, universities, schools, day care and aged care… even aquatic centres.

Directly Employed Cleaning Staff

Self-delivered workforce

With a national team of 2500 directly employed cleaning staff, our self-delivered workforce is consistent and scalable with the capability to match your facility.

Our ground teams are highly trained and have a robust network of client service managers and WHSQ officers to support them.

We believe a self-delivered cleaning workforce is the best way to guarantee service excellence for our clients.

Every Facilities First team member goes through a rigorous onboarding process and follows clear safety procedures to deliver a seamless, integrated service.

High Quality Cleaning Technology

Efficiency through technology

Efficiency is a key driver for both us and our clients.

We employ the latest in high quality cleaning technology to deliver the most efficient and complete cleaning solutions. Regular investment in new equipment, including the latest innovations in automated cleaning and robotics, allows us to pass value onto our clients.

Real time reporting puts control in your hands.

And our top-tier, custom technology allows you to track staff performance and progress.

But of course, technology is only as effective as the hands that drive it. Our team members are the core of our business, so when we invest in technology it’s mirrored with an investment in our people. From high pressure stadium environments to prestigious shopping precincts, our team members have skills and in-house support to deliver a positive experience for your guests.

Meadwbhank Tafe Team 3

Green stars

At Facilities First, we make being green easy.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everybody’s minds; having a superior waste management plan is not only essential for compliance and good governance… it’s now about meeting the expectations of your guests and clients.

We have the capability to design waste processes tailored to the needs of your facility, and we partner with waste providers to deliver a seamless service.

Our experience in delivering superior sustainable outcomes is recognised by our work with the Australian National University’s 6-Star Green rated Melbourne campus.

With a highly flexible approach, we work with facility managers to ensure that environmental KPIs are met. So, whether you need lights out at certain times to satisfy energy quotas… effective disposal of recyclables… a guarantee that dirty water protocols are followed… or a container deposit scheme implemented… our robust processes and fully trained staff can deliver.

Are you looking for a tailored cleaning or maintenance solution?

Contact the team at Facilities First for a seamless integrated service delivered with care and guaranteed quality.

Care is at the heart of everything we do

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