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At Facilities First, we’re experts in facilities services management, commercial cleaning and building maintenance – and we take great pride in our first-class service for the commercial, government, health and aged care, events and education sectors.

We care about communities, and we love delivering quality solutions for schools, hospitals and other organisations that are working hard to make positive changes in people’s lives.

We recently completed a project for a Sydney school that educates students with additional learning and support needs.

Here’s what the project involved and how we were able to provide a tailored project management solution for enhanced diversity and inclusion.

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About the project

Late in 2020, the Department of Education approached us to provide the design and delivery of a new access ramp for an inclusive school in South-West Sydney. The school provides focused learning and support for students with physical or behavioural issues.

Chris Karam, Facilities First Group Manager, explains that there were problems with the existing site.

“Essentially, the ramp on site was not fit for purpose as it didn’t meet current safety or compliance codes. The Department of Education asked us to meet on-site, supply some designs and cost up the design and construction of a safer and compliant ramp.”

The project also had specific constraints to work around the needs of the students. “We couldn’t do the work during school terms as it would have negatively impacted on the students, particularly some who are very sensitive to noise,” adds Chris.

That meant designing a solution that would meet specific requirements for safety, quality and practicality.

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Providing a tailored solution

As part of our comprehensive facilities management and building maintenance services, we look after every detail, including design, construction and full project management.

So, as a first step after the Department of Education approved our design, we appointed a dedicated project manager and a specialist team of technical experts to complete the project… with minimal disturbance to the school.

“We decided as it was a sensitive environment, it would be best to complete all work during the Christmas holidays,” explains Chris. “There were some challenges, particularly with the rain. In the end, however, we were able to complete the build and arrange for it to be inspected and certified within a six-week period so that it was ready when the school reopened.”

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Safety, diversity and inclusion

The Facilities First team has years of experience in facilities management – and our maintenance project managers have long careers in construction. It means we’re able to offer much more than standard building maintenance.

We’re dedicated to helping our customers enhance safety, diversity and inclusion.

We can start with design just as we did for this school – and we oversee all project needs including health, safety and compliance.

With ISO 45001 accreditation and robust processes, we make sure every maintenance project meets the international benchmark for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management.

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Comprehensive project solutions

Facilities First customers range from schools to stadiums, and our services are equally diverse. If you need a newly constructed ramp, a playground resurfaced, a fresh coat of paint or even parquetry flooring, our team can help.

“We provide a huge range of maintenance services including painting, playground resurfacing and bathroom upgrades,” says Chris.

At Facilities First, care is at the heart of everything we do. And whatever we work on, we put in the same level of commitment as we did for this project, because we’re dedicated to service excellence for every customer, and every community.

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