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Never has the work that Facilities First does proved more essential in keeping the community safe than during the COVID-19 crisis. All across our organisation we have been working harder than ever before to provide exceptional care and service to our clients.

And we have been guided by a skilled leadership team that has shown resilience, compassion and care as we navigate the changing landscape together.

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Care is our number one priority… always

Pandemic or otherwise, we are absolutely committed to showing care for our team, clients and community. This is at the core of how we do business. Whether it’s looking for ways to improve processes for our staff to perform at their best, shifting our approach to meet client needs or continually focusing on lifting standards of care – it’s all in a day’s work for our leaders.

As Rosa McMahon, Contracts Manager for our Victorian Department of Education and Training contract, explains:

“I do what I do because at the end of the day it’s about nurturing relationships. When I speak with a principal who is feeling very vulnerable, my role is to provide reassurance and guide them through the entire process. I’m proud of the strong relationships I have established with our clients that help us achieve the good work we do every day.”

Supporting teams

Supporting teams through the transition

Since the start of the pandemic, and through to today, we have worked with each of our clients to ensure the service we provide meets their changing needs.

And our leaders have been pivotal in helping our team navigate the changing demands of their role. As a result of the shutdown of commercial sites such as stadiums, gyms and pubs, Lyn Jarvis, Operations Manager NSW/ACT, moved to oversee a team working at education sites. A huge part of her everyday role was to provide coaching and support to her team through the transition, as she explains:

“There was quite an adjustment for my team who very quickly needed to learn their role within the context of a school environment. The change wasn’t just to where they were working but also who they were reporting to. I listened to their concerns, provided reassurance and coached them through the changes. They each understood the important role we were playing in keeping schools safe and we focused on that as a team.”

No matter the changes that lie ahead, we will continue to focus on coaching and supporting our staff through the change.

Essential services

Collaboration is key

Working together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients has never been more important than over the past few months.

Lisa Murphy joined our education contract team in February this year… and she certainly hit the ground running. As she explains, collaborating across the organisation has helped to develop key resources and improve work patterns during the crisis:

“My background is in Aged Care, so when it came to developing the COVID-clean we drew on our aged care division along with my previous experience. We formed a team to share expertise. Despite being a new member to the team, my expertise and knowledge were never questioned. I stepped into the team and could feel that trust from my colleagues which allowed this collaboration to happen.”

Working together also helps to adjust to a quickly changing environment where leaders need to make good decisions fast. As Rosa McMahon explains:

“We suddenly didn’t have the luxury of time for our planning. We had to work together to get things done. It’s definitely changed the way I work. I’ve learned to trust myself when it comes to making good decisions fast.”

A career-defining moment

A career-defining moment

All three leaders agree that their time so far working during COVID-19 has enhanced their professional development and leadership skills.

The ability to learn on the go, work collaboratively and stay resilient in the face of change all forms what it takes to make up a good leader.

Facilities First General Manager of Integration, Communications and Recruitment, Janelle Dixon, has never been more proud of their ability to stay focused on the task at hand.

“Through the COVID-19 pandemic we have created more than 280 new jobs for cleaners. In a single day Rosa’s team in Victoria has been challenged to react to five COVID cleans and a lockdown working environment. A huge part of our success in this has been the way our leaders have inducted the new team members so they could hit the ground running.

These women work extremely hard. They have acted as three pillars of strength for our staff and clients. I know that whatever time they are called upon, they will be there and ready to act.”

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