Facilities First Partners with The Kid's Cancer Project

COMMUNITY — 12.03.19

Facilities First are proud to announce sponsorship of The Kids’ Cancer Project for the second year in a row.

Founded by Col Reynolds in 1993, The Kids’ Cancer Project is a national charity committed to combatting childhood cancer through scientific research.

The partnership will see both Facilities First and The Kids’ Cancer Project align their values as community driven organisations as they work in unison to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

“We are humbled to be supporting a community based foundation with such strong commitment to addressing childhood cancer.”

Facilities First is a business centered around care. Sponsoring The Kids’ Cancer Project gives us the opportunity to give back to a cause that affects almost 1,000 children diagnosed each year,” said Chief Executive Officer, Ben Bayot

In line with their support of The Kid’s Cancer Project, Facilities First will also be supporting the organisation’s Write a Book in a Day campaign, promoting learning and development in schools across the country.

Owen Finegan, CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project, said this was an excellent example of corporate philanthropy in action.

“FFA’s generosity is not only helping children diagnosed with cancer, they’re able to drive engagement in the core areas of their newly expanded business,” he said.

“While Write A Book In A Day is a team competition open to adult writing groups and students in Year 5 and up, the majority of participants are coordinated by schools. This is the excellent type of community engagement that The Kids’ Cancer Project can offer,” said Finegan.

If you or your organisation would like to sponsor or participate in Write A Book In A Day, contact natalie@tkcp.org.au today.

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