Extensive expertise

At Facilities First, we have extensive experience in asset maintenance, call out and minor capital works.

We currently provide facility maintenance to 440 schools across Greater Sydney, as well as TAFE, NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW Ambulance Service.

Whatever your needs, from preventative & statutory maintenance, reactive or routine services…you can rely on our team to maintain your facility with a consistent, quality and compliant standard.


Men fixing a door with a first aid sign

Our expertise extends to the full spectrum of maintenance projects including:

• Groundworks including concreting and asphalting
• Roofing and civil works
• Playground equipment, landscaping and fencing
• Air conditioning and solar panel installations
• Full window system replacements
• Bathroom and sewer upgrades and stormwater works
• Resurfacing basketball and netball courts
• Flooring repair and replacement including carpet, floorboard and parquetry
• Interior and exterior painting
• Driveway, gutter and curb repair and replacement.

Whatever you need to build or improve as part of your maintenance schedule – planned or otherwise – we have the capability to deliver.

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Seamless service

We pride ourselves on providing a consistent, seamlessly integrated service… and we know that the key to our superior service is communication.

We have robust internal processes and procedures in place to support our Client Service Managers in maintaining quality and compliance.

Every facility has an onsite folder documenting all maintenance works, weekly audits and incident reports. So, you can be assured that all works have been carried out in a compliant and timely manner.

Safe And Compliant

Safe and compliant

At Facilities First, care is at the heart of everything we do… and safety is a big part of that. We want to make sure every one of the facilities we service is safe and secure at all times. Our team carries out weekly safety audits, documenting incidents and actioning any refinements.

We are ISO 45001 accredited, the international benchmark for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management. Our Work Health Safety and Quality (WHSQ) Management system guarantees compliance across all sectors. Our WHSQ team is on the ground working with our staff to ensure best practices are in place and being adhered to.

Two men wearing helmet walking in the construction site

Four-step process

For every maintenance project we undertake, we follow a structured four-step process to ensure we deliver to the standard you expect. Our process is tried and tested, proven to produce quality results.

At every stage of the process, from the early stages of consultation through to project delivery, you have a single point of contact. Your Client Service Manager will oversee the job from start to finish. They will take care of every detail… and give you the peace of mind you need.

Consult and customise

The first step in our process is to dive deep into your needs… so we can customise a maintenance schedule that is flexible to your requirements.

We meet you on site to check for any access issues or additional concerns that could affect the project. This is about removing any possible surprises that could impact the delivery of your works.

Man writing on the building permit of the construction site

Scope and formalise

Once we fully scope your project, we handle the entire tender process from beginning to end. We work with our pre-qualified subcontractors to complete full costings and find the right team for your maintenance works.

Your Client Service Manager will review the tender submissions and present you with a full comparison of the options along with their recommendation for your consideration.

Onboard and mobilise

As we onboard our team, we cover scheduling and project specifics including access, colours, safety and environmental impacts and other control measures.

At this point, we compile safety management plans… and follow them precisely. We never compromise on safety.

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Monitor and maintain

Throughout the entire maintenance project, your Client Service Manager will be on site to oversee the delivery of project expectations through a series of safety and quality audits.

We conduct a thorough pre-handover inspection… and we don’t rest until all stakeholders are fully satisfied with the completed work.

We don’t leave anything to chance, dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. It’s all part of our care.

Are you looking for a tailored cleaning or maintenance solution?

Contact the team at Facilities First for a seamless, integrated service delivered with care and guaranteed quality.

Care is at the heart of everything we do

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