New horizons, same great facility management

It’s been three months since we reported that the Anchorage Capital Partners had sold 100% ownership of Facilities First Australia Pty Ltd to Serco Group Pty Ltd.

While the new Serco ownership promises exciting directions for our future, we’re also very pleased to report that in terms of our excellent facility management, commercial cleaning and maintenance… it’s business as usual.

Here’s what we’ve been working on since Serco came on board – and why our customers can continue to look forward to our same care and commitment to quality services.

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Transitioning to an exciting future

Serco Group Pty Ltd specialises in the delivery of essential public services, employing over 12,000 people in the Asia Pacific Region, across defence, transport, justice, immigration, healthcare and other citizen services.

With its parent company operating in four key regions – UK & Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East – it also has a global presence.

By bringing Facilities First and Serco Group together, we will broaden our reach – and further strengthen our facilities service management capability. And that means even better service offerings for our valued clients.

We’ve brought together large capability and professional teams on both sides,” explains General Manager Janelle Dixon, “so we are currently assessing how we will work together, to see how best we can deliver for our clients.

We’ve also gone from an Australian-known brand to a joint global organisation, and that has further practical applications such as a higher level of compliance requirements. We need a full understanding of those requirements.”

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Keeping our team and customers informed

At Facilities First, we couldn’t provide such a fantastic service without our incredible team. So, one of our first priorities has also been to ensure that every member of the team is fully informed at every stage of our transition.

“We have spent a lot of time communicating with our staff,” explains Janelle. “We have had face to face inductions, and we’ve kept internal communication flowing.”

The next stage of that will be an information toolbox that we are rolling out this month to our field staff. It will ensure that every member of the company – including management and our commercial cleaning, maintenance and facilities management teams – have the full picture as we progress to our new organisation.

Our number one focus is to continue to provide excellence and tailored services for every customer,” explains Janelle, “and we will continue to do that by making sure every team member and every customer knows they are valued, by being kept up to date via our digital communications.”

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Planning for our global presence

By joining with a trusted international name, we’re also expanding onto a global platform, so to protect our customers we need to put time and effort into our global security.

We are planning to ensure our data and privacy across our digital platform have the highest levels of support and scrutiny,” says Janelle.

Simultaneously, we are continuing to strongly deliver our services around the county, and we’re mobilising new contracts.

Last month, for instance, we brought on board a new facility management client with 207 sites across multiple states.

And while all of this is happening in the background, our team continues to work hard to ensure every customer has just what they need.

Nothing whatsoever has changed from our service perspective,” adds Janelle. “All of this is operating in the background to elevate us to a global organisation. At the same time, we’re still delivering exceptional service for every customer.”

Facilities First is dedicated to caring, community-focused services for the commercial, government, health and aged care, events and education sectors. Since our Serco merger, that dedication remains unwavering.

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