Ian Fielder

Ian Fielder

Regional Operations Manager

Ian is the Regional Operations Manager at Facilities First and he looks after the health and aged care facilities across New South Wales and Queensland.

“I’ve been in the aged care industry for close to nine years now, but I’ve been in the cleaning industry for 18 years. It’s a really good industry to be a part of and I really enjoy the work that I get to do here.”

Ian also worked overseas in Papua New Guinea for three years and he values the experience that he gained from his time working there.

Prior to joining Facilities First, he was working under NationWide, which Facilities First acquired. Building on top of the acquisition, Ian is impressed with the continual growth of the business and enjoys seeing Facilities First grow in the aged care sector.

Ian loves working with his team and finds the work incredibly rewarding.

“I would say the staff is what makes my work feel rewarding. I enjoy working with the management team and the staff that I have under me; they’re a fantastic group of people. It makes your job so much easier when you enjoy working with your team.

Facilities First have put a lot of resources into the company and it’s great to see how we can diversify the company, branching into other sectors like the hospital industry. I’m very excited to see what Facilities First will achieve in the future.”

Ian understands that care is at the heart of everything that he does. He recognises that care goes a long way in leaving a lasting impression with clients and building genuine relationships.

“If the clients are happy, it impacts the rest of the team. In the aged care industry, it’s all about care and not about just doing the job. You’ve got to love what you do because that influences how well you do the work. It’s a high maintenance and stressful role, so giving it your best and sincerely caring for the resident is so important.”

When Ian isn’t looking after residents or his teams, he loves spending time with his wife and grandchildren. He also enjoys playing soccer and watching his grandkids play on the field.

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