Janelle Dixon

Janelle Dixon General Manager

Director People and Capability

Janelle has passion for her life and work that is absolutely infectious. For her, it starts with her own personal values… a set that aligns perfectly with those of Facilities First.

“It starts with you,” explains Janelle. “If you embed your own value system and your own integrity piece, it has to transfer. I am absolutely passionate about this business. I love Facilities First and I believe that if I demonstrate those values to our team first and foremost and we go to the market with that view of engagement and passion, the returns will come back to us twofold.”

With over 25 years of senior sales and operational experience, Janelle brings a depth of expertise to her pivotal role heading up Integration, Communications and Recruitment for Facilities First. While she works across three key parts of the business, in essence, the role is all about growth and improvement. She spends much of her time actively seeking out areas of the business that can be enhanced, implementing strategies to make those improvements.

“That’s the integration piece and there are lots of moving parts that all play to my skill set. Because we’re going to continue to grow and to acquire businesses that add expertise and specialisation to what is the core of Facilities First, that plays to my strengths.”

And with continued growth comes the need to attract the best people to the team, now and in the future.

“We’re putting some smarts around who we’re recruiting for the business of the future, not the business of today,” says Janelle. “What we are doing is succession planning the team we have today for the team of the future, so we can grow that with innovation and technology and all of the things that come within our industry piece.”

Communicating the great work that Facilities First does out in the field and at a community level is a priority for Janelle. Facilities First is authentic in its approach to social procurement; making a difference is a core value that the team actively demonstrates through their support of Indigenous partners like Yaanma, by sponsoring local team the GWS giants and with ongoing support for the Kids Cancer Project.

“Many of our contracts require a social procurement plan, so it makes it front of mind,” explains Janelle. “But instead of just saying ‘Okay, we’ve got to come up with something at Facilities First we’ve done differently’ – we’ve sat down and asked ourselves, ‘How can we make a difference with these?'”

It’s that essential element of care that is embedded in the culture of Facilities First that Janelle wants to communicate to the world.

“We are absolutely about care; there’s a sign at the front of office that says so. It’s the basis of what we’ve built the business on. We’ve got to walk the talk.”

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