Kevin Borg

Kevin Borg

National Business Development Manager

Kevin is one of the legends of the business, and he has been with Facilities First since March 2014, when they were previously known as TJS.

Witnessing the company grow has been a rewarding experience for Kevin.

“I’ve seen a great deal of change and growth with the company. I was there during the transition of the sale from the old owners to the new owners. I’ve been there throughout the rebranding and I was involved with the team that worked on rebranding the company. It was a great opportunity.”

Kevin manages the business development team at Facilities First. He looks after many revolving parts around the business, including tenders, and he also works closely with the operations team.

He also manages site meetings and builds relationships with both potential and existing clients. Kevin enjoys connecting with other business partners and having face-to-face contact with his clients, as he enjoys building strong relationships.

“It’s so important to stay in touch with your wins, as well as with your existing clients. I come from a national account role, so it makes it easier for me as I know all the clients and managers that we’ve worked with.”

As he connects with different people, Kevin loves sharing impactful moments with the community and it’s one of his biggest motivators.

“A guy couldn’t come to work because he had no shoes, so we met him at Kmart and bought him a pair of shoes before he started his shift. It was a really humbling experience, and to be involved with a company that helped him is just fantastic.”

It’s this deep care factor that helps keep Kevin passionate and energised about his work.

He is proud to share many achievements with Facilities First. But one of his career highlights is working with a company that shares the same values as he does.

“As a company we’ve done lots with social procurement and social involvement, and it assists us immensely. I’m proud to be working with a company that values Indigenous participation, a return to work policy, environmental policies and waste management policies. These are such important developments.”

As a people person, Kevin loves spending time with his wife and two kids. Even when he’s not working, you’ll still find him socialising with new people and building meaningful relationships.

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