Kiriata Marino

Kiriata Marinno

Client Services Manager

After many years cleaning the inside of aeroplanes and hospitals, Kiriata Marinno was looking for a change. She loved her work but was looking to take her foot off the pedal for a while with a slower paced role.

“I started at Facilities First as a cleaner for Urbanest. When I started, I was working across two or three sites… within a few weeks I was the site supervisor for seven sites! I worked in that role for about two years, and then my Operations Manager recognised that I was ready for the next step so recommended me for a Client Services Manager role. I saw it as a great opportunity to expand my experience and learn new skills, so I went through the interview process and I was ultimately successful for the role.

Now I am the Client Services Manager for 12 schools in the Peninsula area in Sydney. I am able to use my experience as a cleaner to manage the cleaning teams at the school to do what they need to do to make sure things run properly. I also enjoy the relationship building side of my job, dealing with principals, teachers and office staff to help them as issues arise.”

Kiriata is like a sponge. She is always learning and looking for new ways of doing things. And she takes great pride in the work she does.

“I am always looking around at my peers and the other managers who I work with to find new ideas. If I see someone doing something and it clicks with me, I’ll adopt it and make it work for my team.

When I worked as a cleaner, I really enjoyed that feeling of pride when I would look back at a job I had done well. That’s something I try to instil with my team now – taking pride in your work. And when my team gets positive comments from clients about their work, it really boosts their confidence.”

Honesty, trust and loyalty are the three values Kiriata holds most dear. It’s not enough to just do the job… it has to be done well. And her word is gold – if she says she will do something, you can be sure she will make it happen.

“When you make promises to clients, you have to follow through. I have open and transparent communication with all of my clients. I want them to feel comfortable with me so they can ring me straight away if there are any problems.

I meet with my clients regularly, so they know that I’m here to help them. We work as a team to ensure everything runs smoothly to a structured routine.

It helps to work at a company like Facilities First where people are so helpful and appreciative of the work you do. It’s a really friendly environment, which makes it really enjoyable to come to work.”

Kiriata is a homebody, happiest when she is at home on the weekend. In the summer you’ll find her on her back deck reading a book, while in the cooler months she retreats indoors to enjoy movies on the couch.

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