Loku Sudharman

Client Services Manager

Loku arrived in Perth from Sri Lanka with his wife and two young children in 2009. After a career in supply chain management in Sri Lanka, Loku took the opportunity to work with Facilities First, initially, as a cleaner.

In the thirteen years since he has risen through the ranks to supervisor, client services officer, and now as a client services manager. In his management role he has the opportunity to utilise his highly developed people skills and organisational techniques, enabling him to successfully undertake the maintenance and services management, for 40 sites including aged care facilities, child care centres and office buildings within the Facilities First portfolio.

“I am a people person first. It is in my nature to see people positively and ensure they are feeling positive. I get enormous satisfaction from our work and the difference it makes to peoples lives. I take great pride in my team and my staff and believe that through empathy and communication we will always find win – win solutions” says Loku.

There is no doubt Loku is a people person. His clients hold him in high regard and his team in Client Service Management, and his staff all speak very highly of his level of respect, responsibility, and patience. His contributions at operational meetings are always meaningful and focused on client and staff satisfaction.

Loku has two high performing adult children. His daughter is studying medical science and his son will soon graduate as a doctor of medicine. His wife is an accountant and Loku believes his family values resonate well with the culture at Facilities First.

“The business is very supportive and communicative. Everybody’s heard and ideas or concerns are taken seriously. When the seriousness stops there is plenty of room for fun and opportunities to destress with our colleagues. Staff BBQ’s are commonplace and we all get along in a very friendly and supportive environment.” Loku continues, “I do feel very lucky to work here and the company has provided many training opportunities that have allowed me to gain additional skills and qualifications” he says.

Loku is committed to the facilities he is responsible for and ensuring he and his team exceed client expectations. He believes the work we do is very important to the health and welfare of the people who live in, work in, and utilise the facilities we maintain. He also believes that the clients we represent want only the best for the facilities they administer. It takes a people person to know what people need and to take care to ensure those needs are met.

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