Company Has A Brand New Website

New Year - New Website!

Australia’s leading privately owned and operated cleaning, maintenance and facility services management company has a brand new website!

“Care is at the heart of everything we do here at Facilities First, and building our new site was no exception,” says Facilities First General Manager Janelle Dixon.

“We wanted to build a space that both reflected not just what we do but also who we are!”

The four step process that Facilities First was built on remains the core of creating a valuable and viable experience for all of their stakeholders.

A process that is more than just cleaning…

“At Facilities First this process starts with cleaning, but we pride ourselves on delivering so much more…” says Janelle.

Process That Is More Than Just Cleaning

Cleaning, maintenance and facility services management are delivered by our team using a four-step process.

1. Consult and Customise

2. Scope and Formalise

3. Onboard and mobilise

4. Monitor and Maintain

This process always begins with the needs of the client and their customers. Once Facilities First understand how to deliver the best experience for your company they then customise a solution that guarantees the delivery of a seamless, integrated service.

“Our process page demonstrates our method and approach really well. All our clients and projects are different, however, following consistent steps is the key to a successful outcome” says Janelle.

Broad experience across multiple sectors

Over years of experience across multiple sectors allows Facilities First to tailor the four-stage process to each aspect of the services that they provide, allowing them to create effective and proven services and solutions to multiple business sectors.

“We deliver our services to a diverse portfolio of facilities across Australia,” says Janelle.

Experience Across Multiple Sectors

“We have a rapidly growing team with a combination of directly employed and on site staff approaching 3,000 people. We have an excellent network of highly skilled and reliable maintenance partners managed by our in-house team.

“Our team works hard and has a solution mindset.”

And it’s this mindset that has allowed the business to grow exponentially, now proudly providing cleaning and maintenance services to over 2400 sites across Australia within the Commercial, Education, Stadiums and Events, Government, and Health and Aged Care sectors.

“Given our broad experience across multiple sectors our clients feel comfortable that we can provide a tailored solution for their facility… no matter what the challenge!” says Janelle.

Complete cleaning, management and maintenance solutions

Cleaning, Management And Maintenance Solutions

These three categories below the range of services provided by Facilities First:

Commercial Cleaning
We have the expertise and direct scalable workforce to provide complete cleaning solutions for every type of facility – from highly specialised environments like hospital operating theatres, multi-campus educational facilities to the huge scale of sports stadiums and campuses.

Facility Services Management
Whatever your needs, from preventative and statutory maintenance, reactive or routine services to planned project works, you can rely on our team to maintain your facility with consistent quality and compliance standards.

Facility Maintenance

Managing facilities services we pride ourselves on tailoring a management plan that is both flexible and responsive to your ongoing needs. We can provide a suite of ongoing and scheduled maintenance services, combined with the delivery of regular housekeeping, cleaning, laundry, security and groundskeeping services.

Currently providing facility maintenance to 440 schools across Greater Sydney as well as TAFE, NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW Ambulance Service, it’s the team members on the ground that provide enormous value for clients.

Many of you will be very familiar with Facilities First and our team members, but for others who are new to their growing family, our team is the lifeblood of their business.

“The team page will always be an interesting and insightful part of the website!” says Janelle.

“I regularly get feedback that this section is really engaging. And more excitingly this page will continue to showcase the growing amount of talent within our business.”

Strong And Agile Team

Strong and agile team

“We really wanted to showcase the diverse talent we are so blessed to have,” says Janelle.

With a diverse and agile team of currently 2,500 self-delivered cleaning staff and a highly skilled network of reliable maintenance partners managed by an in-house team, Facilities First delivers a seamless facility services management to a diverse range of sites nationwide.

On the team page you’ll find a selection of representatives from each and every segment of our business. Every team member is equally important to us here at Facilities First.

“I think people enjoy reading about the person rather than the credentials that most other sites tend to feature,” says Janelle.

Careers and Current Opportunities

Our team members are family and the lifeblood of our business. We are fiercely proud of the values they uphold and the valued service they provide…

and we believe in nurturing every member of our team to reach their full potential.

“We are dedicated to providing more than just a job; we want to help build a career,” says Janelle

“We support our team with thorough onboarding and ongoing specialised training, as well as upskilling opportunities.

Learn more about joining our growing team.

Facilities First Growing Business

Learn more about our growing business

Our new website offers many ways to learn about our growing business, our clients and news from our industry.

Case Studies
Read real stories from clients across many different sectors and market verticals here.


There’s always something going on. From our ongoing support of the Western Sydney Giants, to new acquisitions and new contracts. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news from Facilities First and how we may be able to help you more.

The new website is just the start of exciting announcements for the company.

“2019 was great but 2020 is set to be even better! We have some very exciting things to share in the near future!” says Janelle.

2020 will bring even more “firsts” for Facilities First! Keep an eye out for more announcements as the year continues.

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