Fostering vibrant and enriching spaces for Urbanest

Vibrant And Enriching Spaces For Urbanest

Developing and operating student accommodation is much more than providing enough beds. After all, a building is not complete just because the final brick is laid. For Urbanest, it’s about creating a people-first culture that’s vibrant, welcoming and enriching.

But it’s also about partnering with companies that share the same values, a commitment to deliver above and beyond to create a safe, healthy and creative space for all.

The partnership between Urbanest and Facilities First is a testament to how excellence, integrity and care can build enriching student communities, specifically designed for today’s student preferences.

With this in mind, Urbanest’s Facilities Manager Daniel Jones required a strong partnership with a cleaning company that understood the exact deliverables and requirements of each accommodation site…

A company that would ensure seamless integrated service, tailor a flexible and responsive facilities management plan and provide a suite of ongoing and scheduled cleaning and maintenance services.

And Facilities First was the perfect service provider.

Long Term Solutions And Personalised Service

Offering long-term solutions and personalised service

Urbanest specialises in developing and operating purpose-built student accommodation across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. It’s not just about providing students with a place to stay but creating a vibrant and enriching space that students are proud to be in.

With that focus in mind, Urbanest needed to secure a national cleaning company that would not only understand their values but also service the nationwide accommodation facilities and manage their multiple portfolios.

For Daniel, there was no doubt that Facilities First was the cream of the crop.

“When I came onboard, Urbanest was going through the tender process to select a cleaning company that could work and service our organisation in an international capacity.

Urbanest is a multi-state company, as we operate out of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Having one cleaning company that can work across the portfolio in multiple sites within those regions was definitely a challenge that we struggled with.

In saying that, Facilities First has really stepped in and assisted us with operating at a committed level across the board. We don’t need to worry about having different service levels from different companies across multiple states.

It’s Facilities First’s consistent and top quality level of service that’s looking after our portfolios and that’s really assuring for us as an organisation.”

On a practical scale, it wasn’t only about making bold promises. The tailored solutions that Facilities First provided also offered a seamless process that would ensure each state was well looked after, moving forward.

“We were advised that we would receive an account manager for each one of the states, who would oversee accommodation facilities. This meant we had a point of contact for multiple teams for specific sites.

That really assisted us throughout the process, and it makes such a huge difference having one organisation to work with across the board. Facilities First not only provided great solutions, but they offered personalised service.”

Multiple Accommodation Sites

From gymnasiums to studios, no task is too difficult

As Urbanest has multiple accommodation sites in each state, the scope of portfolios that Facilities First looked after was significant. From common areas, gymnasiums, cinemas, arcade spaces, kitchens and studios, Facilities First needed to maintain clean, vibrant and welcoming environments.

But since the beginning of Urbanest’s partnership with Facilities First four years ago, Daniel has been pleased with the scalability of Facilities First’s service.

“At Urbanest, we’re really passionate about excellence and working with a company that has a can-do attitude. Facilities First has really strived to support not only our company but our residents as well, through their service.

We have roughly 7,500 beds across Australia. Currently, Facilities First is working at 13 out of 14 properties under Urbanest across multiple states. When Urbanest started as a company, we only had 3,000 beds!

To see Facilities First meet our operational growth and continue to service our facilities with excellence has been nothing short of amazing.”

Daniel is proud to collaborate with Facilities First, knowing that the team continually considers outcomes for long-term viability.

And at Facilities First, we truly understand the importance of investing in relationships that foster the ability to grow together.

People First Culture And Partnership

Building a people-first culture and partnership

Of course, onboarding a new cleaning company can be unsettling at first. How can the company ensure that they will deliver expectations? Can they meet our national capacity?

But all those doubts have been cast aside, as Facilities First has proven time and time again how their dedicated service and diverse teams can provide a scalable workforce and service, tailored to the unique needs of any client.

“The onboarding process was seamless. Obviously, you’ll have some nerves at first and there’s always a teething process with companies that are starting, especially in a national capacity.

But the relationship that has developed between Urbanest and Facilities First has grown right from the start. It’s always been a very personal relationship. We were dedicated to working with Facilities First because building strong relationships with our partners has always been more important than choosing the bigger name.

We trusted Facilities First to give us both excellent service and a genuine relationship. We didn’t want to just be another tick in the box with another company, and Facilities First has always shown care in the relationship.”

Not only did the relationship benefit Urbanest’s business by meeting deliverables and outcomes, but Daniel was glad to work with a company that shared the same values as Urbanest.

“People are at the centre of everything we do. And care is at the heart of everything at Facilities First. A strong culture of care and putting people first flows through the partnership and influences every place we clean, maintain and manage.”

Care is written on our wall and it’s in our DNA. It’s what gives us purpose in our day and informs every relationship we form and foster.

Because at Facilities First… we care.

Building A Strong Relationship

Continually building a strong relationship

There’s no doubt in Daniel’s mind that the relationship with Facilities First will only continue to grow. It’s a future that he’s looking forward to and one that he knows will bring more opportunities for success.

“The relationship is definitely growing, and it’s still going strong four and a half years on. With any relationship, there’s always going to be a lot of back and forth, but Facilities First has been a pleasure to work with.

As both of our companies continue to grow, it’s reassuring to know that the relationship hasn’t broken down due to larger scaling, more clients and so on. It’s been a caring relationship and I regularly touch base with the account managers; everyone works really well together.”

We’d like to thank Daniel for his time and wish him and the team at Urbanest all the best.

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Care is at the heart of everything we do

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