Facilities First Supports Write a Book in a Day 2020

Writing a book is no mean feat. To write a book in a day – or to be more specific, in 12 hours – is seemingly impossible. But that’s what more than 7,000 Australian school students achieved in 2020. And at Facilities First, we are so proud to play our part, sponsoring 160 students from schools across NSW to participate in the program.

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Support for a good cause

A huge part of the reason why we are involved in the Write a Book in a Day Program is because the program supports The Kids’ Cancer Project, a cause very important to our team.

We wear our heart on our sleeve at Facilities First. And being able to partner with The Kids’ Cancer Project on such a strong community initiative is phenomenal.

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We’ve sponsored the kids from Matthew Pearce Public School for the last four years. In 2017 we sponsored a single group of ten students… over four years that number has grown to 60 students across six groups. In 2020, we have also sponsored 100 students from Davidson High School.

Owen Finegan, CEO of The Kids’ Cancer Project, says of the sponsorship, “Facilities First has been a partner of the charity for three years and has been involved in supporting our annual Write a Book in a Day competition. Their generosity aids literacy and community engagement skills for all students but particularly for those who may not normally have the opportunity to participate.

We thank Facilities First for helping make 2020 another record year for the program. The numbers of participants and funds raised for childhood cancer research this year has exceeded all expectations in the current schooling environment.

2020 will be a record breaking year and we have had fantastic support from new and returning schools, with students excited to write, learning more about childhood cancer, being empathetic and fundraising for children less fortunate than themselves.”

Facilities First CEO Ben Bayot adds:

“It’s amazing to see the kids using their imaginations, being creative to publish their own books in one day!

I read the book “The Battle for the Gold” with my kids, published by Mathew Pearce PS; it was a great read.

To all the participants, I congratulate them for wanting to be involved and for helping the Kids Cancer Project bring a little joy to kids with cancer!”

The battle for the gold art

Making a difference on many levels

There are so many benefits to the kids involved in the Write a Book in a Day competition. Matthew Pearce Public School in Sydney’s North West is one of the schools we sponsor to participate in the program. And classroom teacher Za-Za Swift only has good things to say about Write a Book in a Day and the Facilities First sponsorship.

“The greatest benefits to the kids involved in this program is to, of course, extend their literary skills. But the 21st century skills they gain are also invaluable. The students need to use their collaboration skills to agree on a single story then plan, edit, illustrate, format and publish the story. They need to work cooperatively, be flexible, share ideas and let go of some of their ideas.”

For us at Facilities First, it’s wonderful to know that we are making a difference on so many levels. Our sponsorship enables so many kids to be involved in a program that is extending their skills in such valuable ways. Our sponsorship also supports such an incredible community based foundation. And the books written through the program brighten the days of sick kids in hospital.

“The students understand the big picture,” says Za-Za. “They know that a sick kid who comes into hospital will come across their book and it will brighten their day. That’s the reason why they are working so hard… to benefit sick kids.”

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Our commitment to education

You’ll find Facilities First in more than 830 education facilities across Australia. Our portfolio is diverse and interesting. We are as passionate about the work we do as we are about making a difference.

For teachers like Za-Za, the partnership and our commitment give the school and the students an opportunity that would otherwise be out of reach.

“We are so grateful that our kids have the opportunity to participate in Write a Book in a Day,” says Za-Za. “I knew we would be able to do it for one group of children but the fundraising for any more than that was out of our reach.

The team at Facilities First has been so accommodating. Even in the midst of COVID restrictions, when we only received last minute permission to be involved, they responded very quickly to make it happen. They are nothing but supportive of both our students and The Kids’ Cancer Project.”

For us, it’s a pleasure to be involved. We are lucky enough that the students share their stories with us so we can enjoy their hard work from the day. To see the amount of care they put into every word and illustration fills us with pride knowing the future is in good hands.

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